About you and us

Our Story

At AA Japan, we know the concerns that come with shopping for overseas used vehicles online. Accurate information, efficiency of service, true value for money and trust are all highly important to buyers. With that in mind, our company has evolved to meet these demands and please our loyal customers. We maintain our objective of customer satisfaction by providing the most transparent, friendly and capable service. 

AA Japan was established in 1996 based on the principles mentioned above. By simplifying the process of importing vehicles, we have reached countless customers around the world and earned their trust. 

AA Japan Team

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers according to country and region, we maintain a wide range of stock. We also offer the option of placing orders according to specific requirements and budget through our auction website. 

A multicultural team

Just like our customers, our team is multicultural and multinational. Of course, our roots are Japanese and so are many of our team members. But because we want to understand you, your culture and your background, our team also welcomes people from around the world. This mix of cultures makes us a stronger company and puts us in a better position to fulfill your needs.

AA Japan Multicultural Team

Roots in Japan, Branches Everywhere

AA Japan Roots

AA Japan wants to be closer to you. That’s why, over the years, we have developed a global network of branches, bureaus and agents.

These bureaus and agents will aid you during the importation process and provide you with helpful advice according to your specific country.

A Multi-Award Winning Company

Being recognized as a leading player is important for any company in any market. Thanks to years of experience and consistent quality, AA Japan has received awards from many Japanese auction companies. 

AA Japan Awards

If you want to know more about AA Japan, ypu can visit our corporate website: aajapan.co.jp.